A Better Way of Living provides employment service designed to offer individuals with disabilities the supports needed to pursue community based vocational opportunities.


Job Development Support

A Better Way of Living’s job development program is designed to assist individuals with disabilities in securing and maintaining community employment. Job development consists of vocational skills training, such as resume creation, learning effective interviewing techniques, and networking with potential employers. Our team of Employment Consultants will work with an individual in finding them the job that fits their skills, abilities, and interests.  Our experienced team has secured employment for individuals in a variety of areas, including, construction, prep cooking, retail, delivery, and child care.

Job Coaching

Job coaching may be required once employment is achieved. This would include assisting the individual in transitioning into their position, and working with an employer to help with training needs.  This service is at no cost to the employer.   Job coaching may be required for either short or long periods of time, depending on the needs of the individual and employer. Our service is designed to ensure the satisfaction of both the employee and employer.

Monthly Job Club Meetings

Our job club meetings focus on helping an individual create an effective resume, as well as developing interviewing skills. It is a good opportunity for individuals to discuss their challenges and successes with others, and to learn new ways to network with community employers.  Our job club offers a positive and motivating environment for individuals exploring work opportunities, and for those already employed.

Community Employer Successes

We have supported our individuals in finding employment with the following organizations:

Ron Peterson’s Guns


Sandia Crest House


Functional Acquatics

Dragon Fly Counseling


The Life Healing Center

Century 14

Centurion Pacifica



Sassy Apron

Johnny Rockets


New Mexico Developmental Disability Waiver

This program is designed to provide services and supports that will allow eligible individuals with developmental disabilities to participate as active members of their communities. Developmental Disabilities Waiver is only one of several waivers available and the program serves as an alternative to institutional care. Click here for more information.

If you’re currently a DD Waiver recipient, please contact us regarding our employment program. We can work with you and your support team to start the process of working with our agency.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Funding

A Better Way of Living has worked with DVR for the last three years, and we have developed a positive relationship with them. If you’re interested in working with us, you can discuss our employment program with your DVR counselor, or contact us directly regarding vocational services.

This program provides grants to states to support a wide range of services designed to help individuals with disabilities prepare for and engage in gainful employment consistent with their strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests, and informed choice. Eligible individuals are those who have a physical or mental impairment that results in a substantial impediment to employment, who can benefit from vocational rehabilitation (VR) services for employment, and who require VR services. Click here for more information.

Private Funding

 A Better Way of Living does accept private pay from individuals who are looking for, or trying to maintain employment. Please contact us for further information regarding private pay services.