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Job Summary

Living Support services are intended to provide persons with assistance and support needed in a home environment in order to increase or maintain an individual’s capacity for independent functioning, self-determination, interdependence, productivity and integration in the community. Living supports are designed for individuals for whom no other residential options are available or for who respite/personal care and other supports cannot meet the needs of the individual. The services encourages, counsels, supports, and assists individuals to maintain a safe and healthy living environment; to maintain good health and nutrition, including nutritional counseling, and the safe and appropriate use of medications. Programmed activities are designed to increase or maintain the individual’s independence in the areas of self-help, socialization, communication, leisure/recreational and adaptive skills for daily living. (DD Waive Standard, Effective 12/1/98, p,20)

Living Support Services staff work to ensure that services are designed to meet the needs of each individual participant. These services are designed to augment, not replace an individual’s natural living supports, e.g. family, friends, or community services.

Living Support service includes but is not limited to the following:


●Behavior supports/implementation; activities in support of therapy plans
●Training, education, and experience on rights and responsibilities in the community.
●Provide transportation for activities of daily living
●Personal care
●Individual health maintenance and monitoring
●Transportation to medical and dental appointments
●Reminding/observing/monitoring of medication and pharmacy needs
●Assistance with self-administration
●Education and administration (using certified aides or nursing staff)
●Assistance with the development of choice making skills
●Assistance with the development of natural support networks to replace paid supports
●Development of social and individual relationships
●Employee will have extensive knowledge of individuals’ personal outcomes
●Employee will provide appropriate support to people in obtaining personal outcomes
●Ensure the maintenance and development of social roles
●Ensure the maintenance and development of vocational pursuits
●Assistance to the individual who requires a wheelchair for mobility and needs physical assistance for toileting and transfers
●Nutritional counseling
●Educational pursuits
●Assistance with money management
●Meal planning and preparation
●Routine household care including cleaning
●Complete a cleaning check list every shift
●Community integration/access/utilization
●Leisure time management
●Development and maintenance or recreation/leisure/exercise activities
●Training and education on self advocacy and sexuality


Duties and Responsibilities:

● Participate in treatment team meetings
● Provide therapeutic counseling or intervention as needed
● Adapt environment to meet the needs of the individual
● Work directly with individuals
● Complete daily charting by noon the following day
● Comply with all ABWL’s policies and procedures
● Comply with all NM State Regulations and LTSD Regulations
● Attend necessary CAST and ABWL trainings
● Provide all transportation to all activities as needed


Credential and Experience:

● Direct Service Personnel must:
● Be at least 18 years of age
● Must possess a high school diploma or GED
● Must be of good integrity and possess adequate physical, mental, and emotional stability so as to provide services in a safe and responsible manner.
● Must be available to communicate in the language that is functionally required by the individual or in the use of specific augmentative communication system utilized by the individual.
● Must meet the competencies specified in the LTSD Policy Governing the Training
Requirements for Direct Support Staff and Internal Service Coordinators.
● Must have the ability to read and carry out the requirements in an ISP[/column]


Skills and Abilities:

● Able to establish priorities, work independently, and proceed with objectives without hands-on supervision.
● Able to handle and resolve recurring problems
● Willing to work the hours necessary to meet the needs of the individuals with whom you work


Other Special Requirements:

● Clear Criminal Records Check
● Adherence to Ethical Code of Conduct as specified by professional organization in which you are affiliated
● Be current on all shots, e.g. TB & Tetanus

Employment Application

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